Red, Yellow, Blue

The political use of the color red in Venezuela during the two last communist campaigns (that of Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias and Nicolas Maduro) provoked a repulsion for the color from the opposition, which caused these people to stop wearing clothes with this color in the Venezuelan space.

Just a Kid

“Just a Kid” is a short film about a young girl who tries to stop her father from drinking and smoking in their household unsuccessfully. The assignment consisted in showing the memory through only three shots and also by the inclusion of diagetic, non diagetic and internal diagetic sound.

Audio from:

The Powerpuff Girls (1998) Season 2 Episode 5

Don’t Be What They Made You by Marco Beltrami


“An unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation.”

Aesthesis is a two-minute long video done in collaboration with Alicia Quinn that experiments with the sounds that objects of complementary colors create when in conjunction with each other.


“Surface” is an exploration of the relationship between what is usually done in public and in private. It was done in collaboration with Chanel Burns and Alicia Quinn.