The hidden, the unknown, the misinterpreted; the details around us that we every day take for granted drown me. I want to create an experience for the viewer, and I want to challenge their thinking and to make them feel. My work is an effect of stimuli of what inspires me and is strengthened by research that is then connected with my internal reflection of a topic. The medium I use in my work varies depending on what I want to convey. Photography, video, interactive installations, and sculpture are my favorites. Every piece I make is the result of a continuous experiment I have with my idea and the way the audience receives it gives me room for reflection. I believe there is not one pure aesthetic; instead, I want to explore different ones and make my work as diverse as possible. I take part in the artistic process to express my inner reaction of that around me, but also to hopefully one day inspire the public to see the world differently.

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