The Atacama Desert located in Chile is the aridest non-polar desert on Earth. The series  Atacama  portrays some of the magical spaces that this land has to offer.
  Ocre  is a compilation of images taken in New York City, and in Lima that celebrate warm colors and that brings the viewer's attention to details from the everyday city landscape of these two cities.
  B W  is as it name presents a series of photographs taken by the artist in black and white.
 The series  Anxiety  is an exploration of nervousness through the juxtaposition of mirrors and the human body encountered in an organic environment. The piece pretends to provoke a conversation on an individual’s experience with anxiety and how it is controlled.
  Ecological Contamination  intends to imply the prejudicial effects of industrialism in major cities all around the globe, contrasting it with the luxury of living near nature. The models, who have a fantastical look, represent the natural world that has been damaged by pollution.